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LYMAN Kona Natural

This is extremely rare and very, very special 100% Kona Natural Coffee. We are the ONLY Organic Producer of this gem. It is a rare product – we craft it only a couple of rounds of picking. (It is currently available only at one or two other Kona farm outlets, it's not "organic", and till sells for a lot more than ours).

We spend an enormous amount of time and care to hand-select only the very ripest of all of our coffee cherries. We wash and float the coffee fruit and then “dry-process” them in the sun of our deck – in their cherry skin. This is to say that the fruit dries inside its skin, rather than being dried after pulping as “Parchment Beans”. This method is sometimes refered to as "un washed" coffee. That method, for lack of access to a near-by wet mill (pulper) is traditionally used in Ethiopia (where Coffea Arabica is native). We have to lay out our cherries in a single layer with cherries not touching one-another. Although our covered Drying Deck is completely screened against insects and geckos, mold occurs, and for the first days, we hand-select out and throw away every cherry that is not absolutely perfect. It would take up to three weeks of drying time to get them where they need to be. However, with our own self developed and built "Coffee Finish Dryer", we can shorten this to seven or eight days. Then we store our Kona Kona Natural Parchment beans --  always double-bagged in "GrainPro" and burlap bags  -- for at least two months in our Storage Room (to let them “settle”). Next, the lot is dry-milled (husked, peeled) at our Certified Organic Dry Mill. Again, everything that’s not perfect gets sorted out. Husking and sorting out will result in a loss of 60%. We return the sorted green bean coffee to our storage vault. When we do roast, we ONLY roast it to “Light Vienna Roast” (about Medium). That’s what our Certified Q-Cupper (professional coffee taster) makes us do to bring out the Best of the Best. This Natural Drying Method and our care and roast produce a delicate and silky mouth-feel: Intense, sweet aroma with powerful floral nuances, aromatic wood and molasses, and a subtle hint of milk chocolate. At Lyman Farms, we are so picky about quality that we usually need 8 pounds of our coffee cherry for one pound of roasted coffee beans (most farms have a ration of 6:1). But this special gem requires a whopping ELEVEN pounds of Lyman Kona Coffee Farms cherry for each one pound of our Kona Natural Organic Kona Coffee. Enjoy and Mahalo Nui from all of us to all of you!


Our daughter Karen (now 14) on our coffee drying deck with a batch of our future Organic Kona Natural