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Join our Frequent Cupper Club!

Here is our information:

  • In our FCC, we have a group of coffee-loving customers whom we send coffee on an automatic schedule, on the first of each month. All of our coffee is 100% Kona and 100% Estate (single origin). Please commit to our FCC for one year
  • Most common order is two pounds per month, but some businesses order up to 10 lbs. Some customers have chosen bi-monthly shipments of two pounds, or 1 lbs per month
  • We need for you to inform us that you wish to join ()
  • We need for you to send us your choices, your complete billing and shipping address, plus a valid credit card. The card info is kept on our encrypted system that nobody except Marsha and I have access to. The card info should be either called in to us (808-325-0909) or emailed in TWO SEPARATE emails:
    • # 1 with first eight numbers plus “Month” (MM), then
    • #2 with remaining numbers plus “Year” (YYYY).

Privileges of Membership:

  • The FCC is our highest delivery priority. We guarantee uninterrupted delivery even during periods of extreme shortage.
  • Order a certain type and amount to be shipped at current pricing per our internet site
  • FCC members receive a 10% discount for the duration of FCC membership
  • FCC members will retain the starting price (incl. 10%) for at least two years
  • We ship on the first of each month, but customers can chose to receive bi-monthly
  • We produce mostly our Private Reserve, Vienna Roast, which we serve in our BnB daily
  • We have Private Reserve (PR), Peaberry (PB), Kona Natural (KN) and sometimes Hawaii #3
  • Our house roast is Vienna Roast – a “Medium Plus”, which is the way Kona should be roasted
  • The types of coffee can be mingled, e.g.., 1 KN, 1 PR
  • Current shipping charges only change when the US Post Office increases pricing.

We are hoping to welcome you soon as a member of our Frequent Cupper Club.