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Coffee Talk from Lyman Kona Coffee Farms - Spring 2010

May a Good Spring Bless you with itsSpirit !

Farm Direct Only!

  • We have decided to sell our Organic Kona Coffee as "Farm Direct" only. No brokers, no warehouses, no waiting. We roast twice a week: Always fresh directly from us to you.
  • New Products Development: I am continuing to learn about making our own chocolate. The first exploratory batch is underway. Hold your breath till Summer! We are also carefully looking at "Natural Dried" coffee--a very rare and expensive offering to the most discriminating coffee gourmets: Cherry dried in  their skins and then dry-milled into green beans.  Strong floral aroma has gotten super-high cupping marks, but is extremely (!) labor intensive and "insanely pricy". Stay tuned, may test-market with you in 6 weeks. Who wants Chocolate Covered Peaberry Beans for Christmas (or earlier)? That could not be my own chocolate, but still: yumm??
  • Spring Sale: Great Web Specials extended. We may keep those going until the upswing in the Economy becomes more obvious to all.
  •  Ward 57, Walter Reed Army Hospital Update: We are continuing to donate 5-7 pounds of our Prime 100% Kona Coffee to the Severely Wounded Warriors, their Families and Caregivers at this famous D.C. hospital. I feel that's the least I can do to support our troops. I want them home, but alive and well!
  • Family and Farm Updates: Karen is attending ballet and swimming lessons and is getting ready for Kindergarten this Fall. Our dear cat Buddha died. We found and adopted "Hasso", a bird dog puppy. Needs training.
  • Should I acquire bee hives (and knowledge about how not to get stung) and make our own Honey off the coffee farm? Email me! 
  • We have my educational Coffee Tour videos on You-Tube, and many new Farm and Family pictures on Facebook.
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Farm House, Barn and BnB Inn from Coffee Orchard

This is what our coffee cherry look like when we're picking, and when they are blooming. Come and visit us, we'll give you a full farm tour!


Of the about 750 Kona Coffee Farms, only about 50 are Certified Estates (Single Origin, one operator in control of all phases of production), and there are only 40 or so Organic Farms. We are both, and won the Silver Medal 2008, an Excellence Award 2009 in the State-wide contest by Hawaii Coffee Association, and our label won the 2009 Kona Coffee Festival Label Competition in Kona.

Huge Web Specials!

For this Spring Sale, we will give you AUTOMATICALLY MORE when you order certain quantities or items at our shopping mall on-line -- postage will remain the same. Just order, we'll do the rest:

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Farm Manager Karen helps rake "Parchment" on our drying deck
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Farm Manager (left), laborer Hans and farm animal Hasso
Here on our high elevation "Mauka" farm at 2100 feet, we count our season from one August to the next. Coffee blooms after every heavy rain. We are a fully irrigated farm and can make that happen. So far, we have picked 8 rounds of Coffee Cherry. We may have 2 or 3 more before August. 
100% Organic Practices  
We finally have decided to pay HOFA, the certification agency, its inspection fee, are awaiting their inspection, and should become "officially" Certified Organic within weeks. We have always used only organic, not synthetic or petro-chemical-based materials, including fertilizers and nutrient sprays, as well as all pest control. We grow'em slowly, but boy, they come in as the largest and densest beans in the Coffee Belt. We pick all by hand when they are fully sun-ripened (that's why we have so many rounds). We process within hours in our own mill, here on Lyman Farms. After drying on our deck, we store the "parchment beans" in our own climate controlled container. You can't do it better: we pamper your coffee during every step!   We we will continue to produce the best coffee in the world. It's known as the "Champagne of Coffees".


  Our Frequent Cupper Club
For those of you who love our 100% Kona coffee, who wish to receive their shipments automatically on the first of each month, and who know a good deal when they see one, we have our Frequent Cupper Club.  Advantages?
  • A 10% price savings (includes all ongoing members).
  • Roasted the day before shipping.
  • No order hassle: we send it out to you automatically on the 1st of the Month, billing your card. 
  • You can request monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly plans.
  • No price increases ever during length of contract.
  • For every 24 pounds ordered we send you a FREE POUND OF ROASTED PEABERRY!
  • Upon request, we can vary the roasts as well as the Grade of roasted beans of your order (and adjust pricing).
    Please send us an email about our Frequent Cupper Club -- or any questions and we'll send you all the details and tell you how to join. Mahalo!

Karen is learning to cook with chocolate!

 With Cordial Aloha and A Hui Ho,

Hans, Marsha and Karen Lyman Eckert

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Mango Sunset Bed and Breakfast Inn

When all bloom at once, we call it "Kona Snow"