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We are a "Certified Kona Coffee Estate", meaning, we produce exclusively our own"Single Origin", "Single Farm", "Single Terroir" Kona Coffee with organic control of all phases of production --"From Seed To Cup".

Made in AmericaHOFA NEW LOGOUSDA Organic100% Kona Coffee Farmers - Hawaii USAHawaii Seal of Quality

Our "manager" (daughter) Karen Johanna Lyman Eckert and her 6th generation Grandparents, Missionaries David and Sarah Lyman. They were invited by the King of Hawaii, founded a school in Hilo and are builders of the first wood frame house on the Island - now the oldest house in Hawaii and the center of the Lyman Museum in Hilo.

Missionaries David and Sarah Lyman

Hans, Marsha and Karen Eckert

Hans, Marsha and Karen: our Coffee Booth at a competition. Our coffee has won the KCC Gold or Silver Medal every year for five years in a row. Then we gave up.


From Seed to Cup: we grow, we pick, we process, we roast, we sell, we drink.